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Speaker | Adventurer | Anti-Supermom | SelfLOVE Advocate | Survivor | Educator | Traveler | Writer | Trés bambinos | Pilates Monkey


At rock bottom, Summer had no other choice but to learn the skill of manifestation. To harness the true power of her mind.

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, she rebuilt her life through adventure, movement, nature, and selfLOVE and now shares her story with the world to help others navigate the craziness that is life. Audiences say she’s raw, unfiltered, relatable, authentic, and incredibly inspiring.

Not afraid to talk about the REAL stuff. The HARD stuff. The things that MATTER.


The act of behaving like a “Supermom” is self-destructive. Running around doing everything for everyone else, while putting yourself last, is not serving anyone. Not you, not your babes.

If you really want to create a fun, peaceful, happy, healthy life for you and your children, you MUST put your oxygen mask on FIRST.

Do the things that make YOU feel happy and alive and watch the energy of your babes magically change before your eyes. It’s not selfish. It’s selfLOVE.


Whether via adventure retreats, travel, pilates, or other crazy outdoor endeavors (like free-climbing faces of giant rock), Summer loves leading others through the process of personal growth – both physically and mentally.

She has a gift of helping people realize the power of their own potential. She teaches others how to feel more alive, confident, and gorgeous than they already are.

What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to become the strongest, sexiest, most badass version of yourself.